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Saturday, May 19, 2012


CITY / MUNICIPALITY Name of EO / Acting EO Contact Numbers Address
1 LEGAZPI CITY Atty. Jamin Cecilia V. Banzuela 820-3830 OEO Legazpi City
2 LIGAO CITY Ella E. Segarra 837-0929 OEO Ligao City
3 TABACO CITY Jocelyn Regina M. Navera 830-7871 OEO Tabaco City
4 BACACAY Elias B. Vergara 558-3779 OEO Bacacay
5 CAMALIG Jerry Benedicto M. Calag     826-0619 OEO Camalig
6 DARAGA Ma. Sonia F. Mabelin 826-0619 OEO Daraga
7 GUINOBATAN Arlene Q. Chavez 838-0592 OEO Guinobatan
8 JOVELLAR Anddy A. Toledo 052-824-2895 OEO Jovellar
9 LIBON Wilhelmina R. Rendor   OEO Libon
10 MALILIPOT Alice C. Nuyda 830-7961 OEO Malilipot
11 MALINAO Maribeth O. Curiano   OEO Malinao
12 MANITO Simeon R. Pareja   OEO Manito
13 OAS Alfredo B. Bas, Jr.   OEO Oas
14 PIO DURAN Mario V. Hernandez   OEO Pio Duran
15 POLANGUI Wenceslao P. Reyes 212-6445 OEO Polangui
16 RAPU - RAPU Jeanette B. Batas   OEO Rapu-Rapu
17 STO. DOMINGO Lydia G. Velasco   OEO Sto. Domingo
18 TIWI Senned C. Barreda 488-5993 OEO Tiwi
1 BASUD Eden H. Culvera 054-443-1177 OEO, Basud
2 CAPALONGA Oda A. Asis     OEO, Capalonga
3 DAET Atty. Francis D. Nieves 054-571-3327 OEO, Daet
4 JOSE PANGANIBAN Juvy R. Juan   OEO, Panganiban
5 LABO Virgilio G. Veras   Grnd. Flr. Mun. Bldg., Labo
6 MERCEDES Emily G. Basilonia   Mun. Bldg., Mercedes
7 PARACALE Salvacion F. Estravez   OEO, Paracale
8 STA. ELENA Armelyn R. Abanes 054-201-3727 OEO, Sta. Elena
9 SAN LORENZO RUIZ Rommel R. Pajarin   OEO, San Lorenzo Ruiz
10 SAN VICENTE Irene C. Pajarillo   OEO, San Vicente
11 TALISAY Sonia D. Marca     054-605-0062 2nd Flr. TAMUCO Bldg., De Lara St., Talisay
12 VINZONS Corazon Z. Ybarola    054-446-6528 OEO, Vinzons
1 IRIGA CITY Atty. Cinderella F. Ferreras 299-2360 Municipal Bldg., Iriga City
2 NAGA CITY Atty. Maico T. Julia Jr 473-1200 Municipal Bldg., Naga City
3 BAAO Lourdes F. Bagis 266-3301 Municipal Bldg., Baao
4 BALATAN Edgardo G. Anacin   Municipal Bldg., Balatan
5 BATO Nolito F. Mańugo 277-4455 Municipal Bldg., Bato
6 BOMBON Haide I. Tigue 257-7752 Municipal Bldg., Bombon
7 BUHI Jaime L. Pantorgo 621-1320 Municipal Bldg., Buhi
8 BULA Martha Lalaine A. Alcala/Rosendo C. Vales(actng) 455-2414 Municipal Bldg., Bula
9 CABUSAO Oliva D. Base 511-31 Municipal Bldg., Cabusao
10 CALABANGA Alexander B. Marpuri 255-6009 Municipal Bldg., Calabanga
11 CAMALIGAN Cielito M. Ramos 478-3677 Municipal Bldg., Camaligan
12 CANAMAN Nenette A. Efondo 474-6135 Municipal Bldg., Canaman
13 CARAMOAN Fe A. Hufancia   Municipal Bldg., Caramoan
14 DEL GALLEGO Isagani M. Quijano 304-8580 Municipal Bldg., Del Gallego
15 GAINZA Salvacion B. Fornoles   Municipal Bldg., Gainza
16 GARCHITORENA Lina B. Oliver   Municipal Bldg., Garchitorena
17 GOA Dionisio O. Miguel 453-0206 Municipal Bldg., Goa
18 LAGONOY Alex R. Escape   Municipal Bldg., Lagonoy
19 LIBMANAN Mitos P. Bustamante 451-2146 Municipal Bldg., Libmanan
20 LUPI Irene Q. Awa   Municipal Bldg., Lupi
21 MAGARAO Leonor W. Zapanta   Municipal Bldg., Magarao
22 MILAOR Elizabeth D. Nieves   Municipal Bldg., Milaor
23 MINALABAC Erlinda G. Saulon 255-3032 Municipal Bldg., Minalabac
24 NABUA Evelyn P. Flores 288-3385 Municipal Bldg., Nabua
25 OCAMPO Lolita P. Dizon   Municipal Bldg., Ocampo
26 PAMPLONA Edgar E. Jamito 255-3030 Municipal Bldg., Pamplona
27 PASACAO Philip C. Revistual 513-9204 Municipal Bldg., Pasacao
28 PILI Atty. Fatima O. Gados 478-0015 Municipal Bldg., Pili
29 PRESENTACION Perfecto V. Llanza, Jr.   Municipal Bldg., Presentacion
30 RAGAY Catherine SM Alvarez   Municipal Bldg., Ragay
31 SAGNAY Jocelyn P. Garchitorena 452-3530 Municipal Bldg., Sagnay
32 SAN FERNANDO Sonia A. Idian 471-4212 Municipal Bldg., San Fernando
33 SAN JOSE Imelda C. Ańonuevo   Municipal Bldg., San Jose
34  SIPOCOT Freda G. Andalis 255-6975 Municipal Bldg., Sipocot
35 SIRUMA Edna O. Dante   Municipal Bldg., Siruma
36 TIGAON Adonis B. Amador 452-3327 Municipal Bldg., Tigaon
37 TINAMBAC Rosendo C. Vales   Municipal Bldg., Tinambac
1 BAGAMANOC Zaldy V. Vicente   OEO, Bagamanoc
2 BARAS Elmer A. Magtangob   OEO, Baras
3 BATO Amelia L. Arizabal   OEO, Bato
4 CARAMOAN Eden M. Icamen   OEO, Caramoan
5 GIGMOTO Dina S. Espeleta    OEO, Gigmoto
6  PANDAN Maria Belen A. Santelices   OEO, Pandan
7 PANGANIBAN Lina L. Tornilla   OEO, Panganiban
8 SAN ANDRES Miguel T. Mendez IV   OEO, San Andres
9 SAN MIGUEL Rosalinda S. Tablizo   OEO, San Miguel
10 VIGA Elsie T. Ogena   OEO, Viga
11 VIRAC Atty. Neil B. Canicula     052-811-1187 OEO, Virac
1 MASBATE CITY Atty. Alberto T. Cañares III 056-333-6970 OEO, City Hall Cmpd., Masbate City
2 AROROY Nove R. Mendoza   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Aroroy
3 BALENO Renato M. Valdemoro   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Baleno
4 BALUD Marilou O. Briones   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Balud
5 BATUAN Lalaine A. Yuson   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Batuan
6 CATAINGAN Lowell A. Barrun   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Cataingan
7 CAWAYAN Arnulfo B. Valdemoro, Jr.   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Cawayan
8 CLAVERIA Ernesto G. Hermosa   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Claveria
9 DIMASALANG Magdie A. Moran   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Dimasalang
10 ESPERANZA Mary Joy P. Olor   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Esperanza
11 MANDAON Romeo C. Geronimo   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Mandaon
12 MILAGROS Deogracias S. Danao   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Milagros
13 MOBO Erlinda A. Sia   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Mobo
14 MONREAL Merlina C. Nazareno   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Monreal
15 PALANAS Merlinda F. Alvarez   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Palanas
16 PIO V. CORPUS Ernesto D. Aguirre   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Pio V. Corpus
17 PLACER Deogelia B. Arizala   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Placer
18 SAN FERNANDO Vicente Z. Cañete   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., San Fernando
19 SAN JACINTO Rommel B. Ańonuevo   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., San Jacinto
20 SAN PASCUAL Lope A. Gulpan, Jr.   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., San Pascual
21 USON Rogato Z. Lumberio, Jr.   OEO, Municipal Hall Cmpd., Uson
1 SORSOGON CITY Ryan V. Filgueras   Municipal Bldg., Amberg Cmp., San Juan Roro, Sorsogon City
2 BARCELONA Ivy S. Jerrera   Municipal Bldg., Poblacion Sur, Barcelona
3 BULAN Ma. Claire G. Salut   Old Municipal Bldg., Zone 4, Bulan
4 BULUSAN Ve O. Aguilar   Municipal Bldg., Brgy. Central, Bulusan
5 CASIGURAN Paz F. Hernandez   Municipal Bldg., JB Alegre St., Brgy. Central, Casiguran
6 CASTILLA Josephine E. Samas      Municipal Bldg., Brgy. Cumadcad, Castilla
7 DONSOL Esther M. Bres   Municipal Bldg., Brgy. Awai, Donsol
8 GUBAT Bernardo V. Dealagdon, Jr.   Supermarket Bldg., Luna St., Luna Candol, Gubat
9 IROSIN Jay T. Dometita       Municipal Bldg., Brgy. San Julian, Irosin
10 JUBAN Armila L. Lacsa   Municipal Bldg., North Poblacion, Juban
11 MAGALLANES Amelita D. Ajero   Municipal Bldg., Brgy. Poblacion, Magallanes
12 MATNOG Melany F. Monforte   Municipal Bldg., Brgy. Camcaman, Matnog
13 PILAR Julie L. Napire   Municipal Bldg., Poblacion Banuyo, Pilar
14 PRIETO DIAZ Melita G. Furigay   Municipal Bldg., Brgy. Perlas, Prieto Diaz
15 STA. MAGDALENA Renee F. Daymon    Municipal Bldg., Brgy. 3 Poblacion, Sta. Magdalena

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